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FWHA develops, owns, and operates quality affordable and accessible housing for citizens of  Fort Worth and Tarrant County with a range of incomes utilizing various federal, state, and local programs. Our agency currently provides more than 6,000 units of quality affordable housing and serves more than 18,000 citizens.

Homeownership Programs

FWHA is proud of its history of promoting homeownership. Owning a home gives residents a stake in their community and instills a sense of pride in the neighborhood. In partnership with the City of Fort Worth and other community partners and lenders, FWHA offers financial assistance and homeownership education and counseling to low-and moderate-income first-time homebuyers.

For eligible participants whose goal is homeownership, FWHA has two programs to offer:


FWHA Homeownership / FSS Office
1201 E. 13th Street
Fort Worth, TX  76102
(817) 333-3653
FAX (817)333-3689

About the Homeownership Program
The Fort Worth Housing Authority (FWHA) has established a Homeownership program component to its Housing Choice Voucher Program.  Eligible participants in the Tenant based rental assistance program may have an opportunity to be homeowners and use their tenant-based voucher for mortgage expenses.  Mortgage expenses include principal, interest, taxes, homeowners insurance and a utility allowance.  FWHA has entered into an agreement with the City of Fort Worth Housing Department to administer the necessary homeownership training and counseling which includes sessions on owning a home, credit repair, budgeting, home financing, etc.

How to Apply

 Send a short letter expressing your interest in participating in the homeownership program to: FWHA Homeownership Program, P.O. Box 430, Fort Worth, TX 76101.  Or come to the FWHA administrative office and complete an interest form. 

You will be scheduled to attend an orientation meeting where you will receive more details about the threshold requirements of the program and if you are eligible to participate. If you do not meet the minimum threshold requirements you will receive a denial letter from FWHA explaining why you are not eligible to participate.

Threshold Requirements

To participate in the Housing Choice Voucher Homeownership Program, requirements are:


  1. Be on the FWHA Housing Choice Voucher Program Tenant-Based Assistance for one year or more.
  1. Minimum annual income of $16,000.00
  1. Elderly and Disabled family (a family whose head, spouse or sole member is a person with disabilities), the adult family members who will own the home must have an annual income (8,088) that is not less than the monthly Federal Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefit for an individual living alone.

Additional Requirements:

  1. Be a first time home -buyer as defined by HUD.
  1. Have a minimum down payment of 3% of sales price;
  1. And 1% of minimum down payment must be from PERSONAL FUNDS of participant.
  1. Complete Homeownership pre-purchase education, training, and counseling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a rent-to-own program?  No. The Homeownership Program provides assistance with mortgage expenses for Housing Choice Participants who purchase a home.  You must be determined “mortgage ready”.

Do I have to be a Housing Choice Voucher holder in order to qualify for participation in the Homeownership Program?  Yes.  You are required to be on Housing Choice Tenant-based assistance for at least one year.

I am not working now.  Can I apply for the program?  No. You must be employed full-time.  Elderly persons and individuals with disabilities are exempt from the employment requirements.

 I have bad credit.  What can I do?   First, you will meet and work closely with a credit counselor, who will help you develop a personal plan of action for credit repairs.

 If I am denied, can I re-apply?  Yes.  Once you have met the threshold requirements

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The Family Self-Sufficiency Program

The Family Self-Sufficiency Program (FSS) is designed to help Housing Choice Voucher families and Public Housing residents become economically self-sufficient.  Families meet with the FSS Specialist and establish goals that span a five-year period of time.  These goals are unique to each family and may include furthering education, obtaining vocational training, opening a small business, and homeownership.  Employment assistance through job fairs and contacts with various employers is provided to FSS participants.  The FSS Specialist also guides the family to supportive services and resources in the community.

The Fort Worth Housing Authority is participating in a national study of the FSS program. The program will not change, but starting in January 2014 and lasting about 12 months, the way to enroll will be different. All applicants will be placed into a lottery where you will have a 50/50 chance of getting into FSS.

An added incentive of the FSS program is the FSS Escrow account which is established for the family.  When a family’s rent increases due to increases in earned income, FWHA begins to set aside money for the family in an escrow account.  While the family is on the FSS program, each increase in their rent due to earned income triggers funds to be deposited into the account.  After the family has successfully completed the FSS program, they are eligible to receive the escrow money.

The FSS program is currently accepting applications.  If you are a Housing Choice Voucher participant, please contact  (817) 333-3607 or (817) 333-3671

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For more information on any of these programs, please call us at 817-333-3400.