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FWHA develops, owns, and operates quality affordable and accessible housing for citizens of Fort Worth and Tarrant County with a range of incomes utilizing various federal, state, and local programs. Our agency currently provides more than 6,000 units of quality affordable housing and serves more than 18,000 citizens.

Program Eligibility

FWHA’s Public Housing program provides housing to more than a thousand families with very low income in Fort Worth. Applicants must be income eligible and residents must adhere to program rules.

For all FWHA rental assistance programs, specific eligibility requirements must be met for admission. All applicants must qualify as a family.  A family includes but is not limited to:

  • A family with or without children;
  • An elderly family;
  • A disabled family;
  • A displaced family;
  • A single person.

To Be Eligible, You MUST:

a. Qualify as a family OR be 62 years of age or older, OR be disabled or handicapped, OR be an eligible displaced person; displaced by government action or by a federally-recognized disaster, or be a single person under 62 years of age, not disabled or handicapped (elderly families, disabled, or handicapped persons and displaced person receive preference over single persons.)

b. Meet family income guidelines.

c. Pay any overdue accounts or money owed to the Housing Authority from a previous tenancy. Repayment of money owed from a previous tenancy does not guarantee eligibility.

d. Have a total family income of no more than the following:

FY 2015 Income Limits (Effective 3/6/15)

Number of Persons 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
30% of median  $14,650 $16,750 $20,090 $24,250 $28,410 $32,570 $36,730 $40,890
Very Low Income $24,400 $27,900 $31,400 $34,850 $37,650 $40,450 $43,250 $46,050
Low-Income $39,050 $44,600 $50,200 $55,750 $60,250 $64,700 $69,150 $73,600


Applicant Must Complete the Entire Application:

a. All spaces must be filled in. If something is not applicable, write “N/A”.

b. Incomplete application WILL NOT be processed.