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FWHA develops, owns, and operates quality affordable and accessible housing for citizens of Fort Worth and Tarrant County with a range of incomes utilizing various federal, state, and local programs. Our agency currently provides more than 6,000 units of quality affordable housing and serves more than 18,000 citizens.

Special Programs

FWHA administers four programs especially meant to serve homeless groups. To be eligible for the following program, an individual or family MUST BE HOMELESS. HUD defines homeless as:

1) Sleeping in a place not meant for human habitation (street, car, abandoned

2) Sleeping in an emergency shelter

3) Residing in transitional or supportive housing for homeless persons, but having come from streets or emergency shelters

4) Being discharged from a short-term stay in an institution and previously
resided on the street or in an emergency shelter

5) Being discharged from a longer stay in an institution (over 30 days) and having no subsequent residence indentified and lacking the resources and support networks needed to obtain access to housing.

Although FHWA administers the housing assistance, the programs are all in cooperation with other agencies. Applicants must meet the homeless definition AND the different agencies' criteria, as well as HUD qualifying criteria.

The amount of rental assistance is calculated similar to the method used by the Housing Choice Voucher (formerly Section 8) Program. The tenant pays approximately 30% of their adjusted income for rent and the Housing Authority pays the difference between the approved rent and the tenant's share of the rent. Tenants pay their portion directly to the landlord.

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Shelter Plus Care (S+C) Program

This program provides rental assistance to homeless disabled persons (through the McKinney Homeless Act of 1987). Rental assistance for eligible individuals under this program must be matched with supportive service dollars from the referring agency. Partnering agencies include: Mental Health Mental Retardation of Tarrant County, VA Homeless Veterans Program, Salvation Army, Samaritan Housing, Recovery Resource Council, Texas ReEntry Services and Presbyterian Night Shelter. (See Agency Links) Families or individuals in need of S+C rental assistance must apply through one of the above-mentioned partners.

Shelter Plus Care began in 1995 and operates under 7 grants from HUD to assist 463 individuals and families. Participants can remain on the program as long as funds are available and they follow program guidelines. New grants are funded for five (5) years, with only one (1) year renewals. S+C applies for funds in cooperation with the Tarrant County Continuum of Care each year. S+C is also a part of the Tarrant County Safety Network for homeless services.

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Directions Home Voucher Program

Directions Home Voucher Program (DHVP) is for chronically homeless people. It provides rental assistance and supportive services for people who have been homeless for an extended period of time. DHVP is funded by the City of Fort Worth as a part of the Ten-Year Plan to End Chronic Homelessness. Participants are taken from a list compiled of homeless people who complete a Vulnerability Survey. Those whose status has changed since taking the survey, or those who have not taken the survey, may complete one at any of the local shelters, Day Resource Center, FWHA Special Programs or any survey-trained Case Manager working in homeless programs.

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Single Room Occupancy (SRO)

The following two programs are considered SRO facilities. That means the accommodations are meant to house only 1 individual and the units do not have cooking facilities. Approval for the programs is only for that facility and one is no longer eligible for that rental assistance when moving out of the facility.

Cornerstone Assistance Network - New Life Center SRO

The 18 unit New Life Center is owned and managed by the non-profit organization Cornerstone Assistance Network and is dedicated to providing housing stability for homeless persons who have a willingness and desire to return to the workforce. Application can be made at New Life Center, 1628 Sixth Ave or at the Day Resource Center, 1351 E. Lancaster.

Samaritan House

Samaritan House is owned and managed by the non-profit organization Tarrant County Samaritan Housing, Inc. Samaritan House is dedicated to housing homeless HIV+ and AIDS individuals. The 52-unit complex is located at 929 South Hemphill in a renovated former nursing facility. Some of the services offered at Samaritan House include: Nutrition counseling and meals, case management, counseling, transportation, assistance with coordination of medical care, medication management, 24 hour resident care, substance abuse counseling, life skills training, social activities, computer access and follow-up care. Application can be made at 929 Hemphill.

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Families in need of rental assistance should click on How to Apply to obtain information on eligibility and how to make application for assistance